Search Engine Submission

Search engine submission is how a webmaster submits a web site directly to a search engine. While Search Engine Submission is often seen as a way to promote a web site, it generally is not necessary. Because the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing use crawlers, bots, and spiders that eventually would find most web sites on the Internet all by themselves.

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Mission Statement

LEGAL PAINT: is a professional company that’s main business is a web development, design, & SEO company for the legal profession. We specialize in designing, building & developing marketing websites for law firms and solo practices. Along with our expertise in Search Engine Optimization to help make you rank for multiple keywords.

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Professional Website Designs for Law Firms

Potential clients viewing your website sometimes can make their decision to contacting your firm based on first impression. You will never get a second, ‘first impression’… This is the first time seeing what you have to offer. Legal Paint’s design personnel understand just how critically important this first impression is to business in general and your law firm is top priority for them.

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Legal Paint

Does your firm want to be on the internet and actually found? I do not mean just have a site... There are millions of sites that are never found on the internet. Is your current site one of them? Are you being overcharged by findlaw and want to go to a proven company that is much more reliable and much less expensive? You have found the legal website builder and search engines optimization specialists that actually makes you have a real return on your investment. LEGAL PAINT provides the top quality SEO Services all law firms need, as well as the SEM SERVICES you use to show potential clients you are the firm for them.

LEGAL PAINT has a fantastic team of SEO Professionals that work extremely hard to ensure your firm is properly positioned and hopefully will have page one positioning in all the search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing.) The SEO Procedures that we use to build your site’s ranking are done in ways to make sure that all clients get the best results for the SEO Services we are providing. As we use all white hat methods, that are up to date with how the internet is always changing, thus giving your firm the highest Return on Investment (ROI) possible. We service all types of firms across the Globe.

Your law firm has to be found online by potential clients and the only way it will be found by new people is to have ranking keywords. This is a specialty of LEGAL PAINT as we pride ourselves on looking at your firm's needs and going after all the keywords possible to help it appear in front of those possible clients.

Consultations are always absolutely FREE, including a clear showing of where your site stands at the moment, and we will lay out a plan that should take your site much higher in the search engine rankings - and add to your client list.